Gigi is a certified in NLP (Neuro Linguistics programming) and a Master Teacher -Divine Channel NLP Life Couch, practitioner

She is also a certified reiki master and an ordained minister 

She is able to offer Readings, mediumship, reiki, trauma healing sessions - that clear and release past traumatic events, Anxiety & depression

About Gigi: 

Virginia Watts is a Psychic Medium who was born and raised in Charleston South Carolina that is known as Gigi the Healer by her clients.

She is able to use her gifts to bring out people's talents to help them achieve the life they love! With her gift of empathy and compassion, she is able to connect with someone on a soul level.

Gigi is a survivor of childhood trauma and with her life experiences she has created her therapeutic healing trauma sessions to be very effective in healing core trauma stored in the subconscious.

During the healing session, 

Gigi is able to remove the negative feelings and emotions that are imprinted in the brain and replace it with pure and higher vibrations to uplift and reprogram and individual's mindset.

With her certification of Neo Linguistic Programming, Gigi is able to break into your subconscious and rebuild a stronger and durable programming.

She is able to help you break free from the pain that keeps you living in anxiety , fear and depression.

The very first session will leave you feeling loved, inspired and powerful to take your life back!

Imagine living life on your terms, in pure love, joy and happiness!

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